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Mark Wilson Media came into existence as an extension of Mark Wilson Photography, which had operated for several years. I recognised the opportunity to provide a video production service based on the the principles of creativity and collaboration, on which I had always relied.

I find clients want to be involved in the creative process. It’s exciting and after all, it’s their story on the line.


Whether you are planning a film or photography shoot, you can relax.

We’re not going to overwhelm you with a big crew, but we will impress you with a great production of stills or action you can share with the world. Your message can take form as photography, an introductory website video, a clip for your YouTube channel, a training film or corporate presentation. Even a TVC, it’s your call. We will work with you to fine-tune your script, advise with story visualisation, talent and location sourcing and manage all post-production.

As I said, you can relax!

This may be the appropriate moment ……… +61 (0) 412 033 713